The 3rd historical Russian migration began in Turkey: its capital was determined

The 3rd historical Russian migration has begun in Turkey: its capital has been determined

Antalya will become the capital of the third Russian immigration to Turkey – such a statement was presented by the Turkish tourism media . In their opinion, at the moment there is no end to those wishing to rent or purchase housing from Russia in the resort capital of Turkey. True, the issuance of a residence permit and the rules for obtaining it in Turkey are being tightened.

“An unprecedented increase in the number of citizens of Russia – as well as Ukraine” wishing to purchase housing in Antalya was recorded by the Turkish media. Some regard Turkey as a “staging area”, and some intend to stay there for a long time and are concerned about acquiring housing. In the meantime, almost all two-three-room apartment hotels in Antalya are filled with people from Russia and Ukraine, Turkish publications say. “All listings for rental and sale of houses posted on the portal are rapidly disappearing due to high demand,” Turkish media also say. Transport companies also complain that they cannot cope with the flow of arrivals.

At the same time, Turkish legislation is by no means favorable to migrants, the newspaper also notes. The period of residence granted by Turkey to foreigners has been reduced. If in prosperous years Russian citizens could obtain a residence permit for 1 year, but now this period is limited to 3 or 4 months.

OUR REFERENCE: “The first migration” in Turkey is considered migration from Russia after the Revolution and the Civil War 1917. The second is the mass exodus after the collapse of the USSR.

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