The advice to tourists to take one fecal item on a trip caused a shock and a big controversy on the network

The advice to tourists to take one fecal item on a trip caused shock and a big dispute on the network

One amazing thing – “faecal matter” – was advised to tourists to always take with them by travel expert Lamia on the page of the British newspaper Express. We are talking about an ordinary plunger – but as you might guess, the proposal caused a shock among tourists and a big controversy on the network. However, the expert remained adamant – this is an extremely useful thing, she assures, especially for those who prefer to travel around historical Europe, renting apartments in old houses.

“Many of the houses and countries that I visit are quite traditional, with antique fixtures. You'd be surprised how often a plunger is useful. And you'd rather be shocked now than when you need this device in a beautiful old European villa,” the expert said.

She recalled that in Greece, almost everywhere – including in the toilets in the national museum – there is a warning that tourists should not throw toilet paper into the toilet, but use a bucket. “Greek sewer pipes are usually only about 50 mm in diameter, British pipes are usually twice as large. This is also the case in other parts of Europe, and the older the house, the more likely the problems,” said the tourist.

However, the need to carry such an amazing detail of the toilet, in her opinion, is compensated by the pleasant features of rest in the “private sector”. “The hosts will usually show you and tell you all the features of local life, local markets and other interesting places,” she assures.

By the way, the second thing that the expert also advises to take with you is a corkscrew. “If you are traveling in Europe, you are sure to find a supermarket somewhere that sells great local produce and especially wine. Impromptu picnics are a habit all over the world, and a corkscrew will always come in handy so that you can enjoy a picnic and beautiful scenery,” she assures. Meanwhile, not all resort facilities offer tourists a corkscrew, so it is better to take it with you. However, there is a problem – in hand luggage it may not be missed. So, if possible, it is better to remove this necessary unit in your luggage. As well as the aforementioned plunger.

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