The airline revealed tricks on how to get a row of seats just for a tourist

The airline revealed the tricks of how a tourist can get a whole row of seats just for himself

Turbobloggers often share tricks on how to fly in economy class with more comfort and not pay a dime for it. However, this time, the American airline Southwest came up with similar life hacks on how to get a whole row of seats for yourself. At the same time, she urged not to abuse the advice given by her. The carrier published the corresponding video on TikTok.

According to the representative of the carrier, if the tourist really wants to try out the recommendations, then he can do it. True, they are only suitable for those who fly on flights where a specific seat number is not indicated on the tickets. While this is not always possible, on emptyer boards there are ways in which passengers can scare away others from wanting to sit next to them. So, according to Southwest, it's important to make seating next to a tourist feel like a bad option to other passengers.

The first tip is to lift a cap or other headdress above the chair so that the picture looks like the place next to it is occupied. In the video, a tourist, sitting in a chair by the window, holds his hand with his hat in the air over the aisle seat. A traveler who is still looking for a free seat, looking at this, should get the impression that in a row of three chairs only the middle one is free, which means that he is unlikely to like it. The trick is good if the passenger evaluates the seating situation from afar.

The second piece of advice is strange, although it's a bet. The airline gave an example of how tourist Mike Davis flies. The meaning of his actions lies in the fact that he does not hide the fact that the seats next to him are free, but rather enthusiastically invites passing passengers to join him. The footage shows him sitting wide-eyed in his seat, patting the empty chair to his right, insistently and loudly inviting strangers to sit next to him. Naturally, none of the passing passengers accepts the offer of a crazy-looking tourist, instead they pass by and take other seats.

At the same time, commentators under the video admitted that sooner or later there will be a brave traveler who will sit next to him, despite the strange and sometimes manic behavior of the tourist. “You will get the most extroverted person in the world and you will have to talk the whole flight!” — said one of them.

The third tip on Southwest's list is to just be honest and tell people you don't want them to sit next to you. “This will not only get your point across, but also make you seem like an unpleasant person, which means you don’t have to worry about people wanting to make the most of your available seats,” the airline explained.

Finally, Southwest recommended faking a breakup over the phone to make it look like the traveler would be emotionally shattered for the entire flight, as no one wants to sit next to a weeping traveler, who is likely to want to speak up, among other things.

The video has been viewed more than 580,000 times and many users thanked the airline for their advice. “Not the content I expected from Southwest, but the content I needed from Southwest”, “Flying on Monday! I'll have to try this”, “I'll try them all!” – such comments were left by travelers under the video.

However, there are less tricky ways by which passengers secure a free row of seats. For example, travel blogger Gilbert Ott developed his own method for always getting a first-class seat in economy class. The secret to its amenities, he says, is ExpertFlyer, a free travel app. The tool can be used to keep track of which seats are available on an aircraft, providing up-to-date information on who is seated where.
He says the app can be configured to alert the traveler every time a seat becomes available to Make last-minute adjustments yourself if necessary.

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