The authorities assured that there was no discrimination against Russians, but refusals to enter became more frequent: a country with such a double position was named

The authorities assured that there is no discrimination against Russians, but refusals to enter have become more frequent: a country with such a double position has been named

There is no discrimination against Russian tourists, and the reason why they are denied entry is the fears of local authorities due to the growing flow of illegal migration. This is how Russian diplomats explained the twofold position of Mexico: the authorities of this country increasingly began to refuse entry to Russians and citizens of the countries of the “post-Soviet space”, fearing that Mexico is a transit point for them for illegal migration to the United States. This is how Andrei Troyanovsky, head of the consular department of the Russian Embassy in the republic, explained the situation in an interview with TASS.

“Indeed, we are seeing some increase in refusals of entry. But such close attention to tourists from Russia and the post-Soviet space is caused by an increase in the flow of illegal migrants from these countries, who use Mexico as a transit zone for further entry into the United States, ”said a representative of the consulate. He also added that there are no “signs of abuse of authority by the migration service or violation of the rights of Russian citizens.”

Mr. Troyanovsky also said that the Russian diplomatic mission receives lists of names of all those who are denied entry directly from the migration service. He also reminded tourists that any of them who get an interview at the border guard or are denied entry have the right to call the embassy. “However, this right is enjoyed by a minority. Most of the questions come from other people who introduce themselves as acquaintances or relatives and sometimes cannot explain why the tourist is traveling,” the diplomat added.

He noted that the increase in the number of refusals was facilitated by “an increase in the flow of Russian citizens to the north through Mexico” – that is, illegal migration to the United States. This made life difficult for normal tourists. He also added that Russians who are in the migration transit corridor awaiting departure due to denied entry are provided with everything necessary.

He reminded tourists of the following: “For short-term visits to Mexico, including tourist purposes, in addition to a regular or e-visa, documents are also required that confirm the purpose of the trip. You must have a return ticket, proof of financial means, hotel reservations or other guarantees of accommodation in the country. At the same time, the final decision on passing through the border is made by a border officer, and a visa is not a guarantee for entry,” Mr. Troyanovsky said. He also recalled that the responsibility and costs of returning the “refusenik” back are borne by the airline, including catering.

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