The authorities of Phuket told how exactly they help stranded Russian and Ukrainian tourists in the opened call center

Phuket authorities told how exactly they help stranded Russian and Ukrainian tourists in the opened call center

To help Russian and Ukrainian tourists stuck in Thai resorts, the Thai Tourism Authority office in Phuket created a call center, which received positive feedback from travelers in the first days of operation, the Phuket media cited statements from the authorities.

Tourist call- The center, launched to help Russians and Ukrainians stuck in Phuket due to canceled flights or the inability to pay for a hotel or other accommodation on the first day of work on March 9, has already helped at least 15 tourists.

It is specified that the call center has Russian-speaking employees who can provide assistance. “Most tourists have asked for help with airlines, flights, visas, credit cards, as well as the cost of accommodation and return travel to their home country,” said Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) office director Nnantasiri Ronnasiri.

< p>According to her, the call center was contacted not only by tourists in distress and forced to stay longer than they planned to stay in Phuket and neighboring provinces, but also tourists from Bangkok, “because the call center in Phuket was the first to start providing assistance to stranded travelers ”.

“We will compile a list of all travelers who have applied for assistance and divide them into two groups: travelers who want to return to their home country and those who want to stay but cannot access funds to pay services. The list will be submitted to the TAT governor to expedite further assistance to tourists,” she said.

Russian-speaking guide Somwong Pruksalamats, who now works at the call center, told the media that he received calls from both Russians and Ukrainians on visa issues. As the guide noted, most of the tourists were satisfied with the assistance provided and noted that they “felt that they were not abandoned.”

“On visa issues, we coordinate our work with the Phuket immigration service,” he specified.


As a reminder, the call center in Phuket can be contacted at the following numbers: 093-9372086 or 094-8191124, as well as by e-mail
The center is open from 8:30 am to 19:00 pm every day . The center is expected to be open until at least March 22.

On Wednesday, Phuket Lieutenant Governor Pichet Panapong said that due to sanctions against Russia and events in Ukraine, there are currently about 5,000 people in Phuket Russians and Ukrainians, and in general there are more than 7,000 of them left in the resorts of Thailand.

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