The beaches of the famous island were flooded with mountains of garbage: tourists were shocked by the apocalyptic view

The beaches of the famous island were flooded with mountains of garbage: tourists were shocked by the apocalyptic view

Instead of sand and palm trees of the famous Kuta Beach in Indonesia, tourists were shocked by the apocalyptic view. Plastic bags, bottles, plastic cups – the beaches are literally flooded with mountains of garbage. At the same time, as environmental volunteers who come to clean up garbage, said in the Indonesian media, its main source is local residents and irresponsible tourists.

This was stated by Suzuki Hiromasa, a Japanese environmental activist who has been traveling to Bali twice a year for several years to clean up garbage. He is also known in social networks – first of all, for his costume of “Ultraman” – a Japanese superhero. In this way, the ecologist hopes to attract public attention and encourage others to fight garbage.

As for the situation in Bali, a Japanese activist presented a video of dozens of volunteers cleaning the beach on December 25, even a small loader was involved in the work, which rakes garbage along the coast. “Kuta Beach in Badung Regency, Bali, is once again overrun with rubbish at the end of 2022. The waste littering Kuta Beach consists predominantly of plastic waste, ranging from plastic cups for drinks to plastic packaging,” said the Japanese.

The official Balinese coordinator for the detection of marine debris Badung Regency Badung Regency Mad Gede Dvipayana confirmed that the entire coast, which is divided into 10 coastal zones, was littered with garbage. From October to December, volunteers collected 600 tons of garbage, and only on the coast of Badung, and in January they expect the peak of the problem with garbage – as the high season with the influx of tourists and the rainy season “combine”.

“Because of strong winds plastic is easily scattered throughout the island. During the rainy season, water flows carry garbage into the rivers, as a result, it ends up on the coast,” Mr. Dvipayana explained. According to him, his team alone employs about 400 people – 100 of them were sent to Kuta Beach with four tractors, and in total they work in 10 coastal areas.

“Trash in Bali is becoming an increasingly serious problem , as Indonesia recorded a whopping 68.5 million tons of waste in 2021. At the same time, 17% of garbage in Indonesia is plastic waste, and only 9% is recyclable,” the experts added.

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