The best and worst tourist attractions in Russia's oligarchs' favorite city in 2022 have been announced

The best and worst tourist attractions in Russia's oligarchs' favorite city in 2022 announced

A fresh rating of the historical sights of London, which has been the capital of Russian oligarchs for decades, has been published by the My London portal. The top is based on a survey of tourists about the overall value for money, customer focus and lack of crowds.

According to popular opinion, the list of iconic places in the British capital was topped by the Tower Bridge exhibition or the Tower Museum. An amazing place, located on the bridge of the same name, allows tourists to look inside one of the main attractions of London. Visitors enter through one tower, walk along a high walkway with panoramic views and glass floors at a height of 42m before descending to the other tower. The ticket price is about 800 rubles.

The last line of the rating was occupied by Kensington Palace – it was recognized as the worst historical landmark of the British capital. Entrance to the official residence of Prince William, Kate Middleton and their children costs 1,400 rubles, but respondents noted that this is not the best value for money.

Between April and May 2022, 2,944 participants were surveyed. They were allowed to comment on multiple destinations with star ratings based on 6,719 impressions. However, not all of London's top historical sites made the list, and some notable omissions include the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

So the overall ranking of attractions is as follows:

  1. Exhibition « Tower Bridge
  2. Westminster Abbey
  3. Tower of London
  4. Hampton Court Palace
  5. Parliament Buildings
  6. Old Royal Naval College Greenwich
  7. Somerset House
  8. Kensington Palace

Outside of London, Fountain Abbey in Yorkshire and the Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh are recognized as the best historical sights of Great Britain. This is the second time the Royal Yacht Britannia has topped the Tourist Champion rankings.

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