The blockade is broken: Russian tourists flew direct flights to the famous resort island

Blockade broken: Russian tourists flew direct flights to the famous resort island

The blockade is broken — this is how local media welcomed the return of Russian commercial tourist flights to Venezuela. We are talking about the first batch of tourists who flew to the Venezuelan resort island of Margarita on a charter flight from Nordwind, an airline affiliated with the tour operator Pegasus. Pegasa Airlines will also return to Cuba.

In total, 417 Russian tourists arrived on this flight. At the same time, as the sources explain, Nordwind has been trying for several months to obtain permission to operate on a neutral route, outside the airspace of the United States and Europe. As stated in Pegas Touristik, “the route was” carefully “worked out by the tour operator and the Federal Air Transport Agency,” they also add. The process of agreeing on permits lasted all summer and, finally, the blockade was broken.

Forecasts for Russian tourists have already been announced. The Venezuelan government expects to receive about 100 thousand Russian tourists by December after reaching the frequency of five flights a week.

Besides, Nordwind will return to Cuba. Flights will depart to the resorts of Varadero and Cayo Coco. The route to Varadero will be operated four times a week on Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, accommodating up to 400 passengers. Other Russian carriers are expected to resume flights to Cuba in the near future.

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