The Bounty island with snow-white beaches will launch direct flights to Russia for tourists and invite Mishustin

Bounty, an island with snow-white beaches, will launch direct flights to Russia for tourists and invite Mishustin

About plans to launch direct flights to Russia, and “within the next few months,” said representatives of the “island with snow-white beaches Bounty” – Mauritius, popular with tourists. Also, the authorities of the island expect to receive the Russian Prime Minister Mishustin to “show face” the opportunities that Mauritius is ready to offer Russia – primarily in the field of tourism.

As the country's ambassador to Moscow, Hesvar Janke, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, direct flights from Russia will be launched within a few months, the issue is practically resolved. “Many Russians like to visit Mauritius, and we are working with Aeroflot to launch direct flights … The issue is almost closed, but there are several aspects that we are working on,” the diplomat literally said. He further expressed the hope that direct flights will be available within a few months.

The ambassador also said that the Mauritian authorities are inviting Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin to pay a visit to this island state “so that he can assess the opportunities for Russian investors and tourists on the spot,” Mr. Janke added. He stressed that “Mauritius has many opportunities for Russia”, including in the field of tourism. According to him, the authorities of the “paradise island” are also interested in Russia's experience in building tourism and transport infrastructure.

“Both countries at a high level should make their efforts, at the level of prime ministers and departments. I continue to invite the Prime Minister and his delegation to visit us. When they arrive, there will be some kind of chemistry between the two countries,” the diplomat added.

We add that, according to the diplomat, not only direct flights with Russia are being worked out, but also an additional route Mauritius-Seychelles-Russia. Negotiations regarding the route are also underway with Aeroflot, – Mr. Dzhanke explained.

Recall that Mauritius is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean south of Madagascar. The country, in addition to the island of the same name, also includes the island of Rodrigues and many small islands. The island is popular due to its luxurious beaches, it is also popular with divers, as Mauritius is of volcanic origin and is surrounded by a barrier of coral reefs.

Our reference: conditionally, the island of Mauritius itself is divided into five parts – north, west, south, east and center. To the north lies the city of Grand Baie and is one of the most popular tourist destinations with excellent beaches. The west of the island is the resort of Flic-en-Flac, also with beautiful beaches, and the most beautiful sunsets glorified the direction separately. This also includes the Tamarin area and Cape Le Morne, the local center for surfing. The south of the island is primarily a place of protected areas, reed plantations, wild beaches and lovers of secluded relaxation in local hotels. East, the resort of Belle Mare invites tourists to “the most beautiful sunrises, local beaches are considered the windiest. In the center of the island there are large cities in Mauritian scale, interesting for their colonial architecture.

As for the beaches, in Mauritius all the beaches of the island are public, mostly with white coral sand, azure ocean water and beautiful wildlife. Among the most popular: Belle Mare – one of the best beaches and resorts in Mauritius, characterized by a relaxing holiday and beautiful scenery, it is recommended for families with children; Mont Choisy beach, located 20 km from the capital of Port Louis, Flic-en-Flac is one of the most famous beaches in Mauritius with a developed infrastructure, which is also popular with divers. Boats depart from Tamarin Beach in the south, where tourists are invited on excursions where you can swim with dolphins in the ocean, but in general the island has many popular beaches.

Tourists are also advised to visit local national parks, such as the Chamarel Geopark, famous for the waterfall of the same name and seven-colored sands, which are considered one of the main symbols of the island; the extinct Trou aux Cerfs volcano, the seven-cascade Tamarin waterfall, the Black River Gorge National Park, as well as Mount Le Morne, which is also considered a symbol of Mauritius, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Emerald Mountain 556 meters high can be seen from many points of the island. Also, tourists can try a variety of exotic things – for example, ride turtles in the La Vanille nature reserve, stroll through museums and shopping centers in the capital Port Louis, look at wild animals in Caselo Park and walk along the ocean floor – or ride underwater in an underwater scooter. The island as a whole is known for its diving and other sea sports, the best time for which is considered to be the period from November to April: it is during these months that large flocks of unusual fish come to the shores. Mauritius also invites fans of deep sea fishing.

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