The capital of a popular tourist country in Europe plunges into the Middle Ages: the city will be completely paralyzed

The capital of a popular European country is sinking into the Middle Ages: the city will be completely paralyzed

Strikes on the ground, underground, as well as severe storms in the air almost completely paralyzed the “tourist life” in one of the largest European capitals. It's about London. This weekend, this city will be literally paralyzed and immersed in the chaos of the Middle Ages: thousands of workers in the public transport industry – the railway company Network Rail, the London Underground and buses have scheduled massive strikes for Saturday and Sunday.

Mass schedules are published in the local media, what will work and where, what will go on strike, but there is only one general advice – if possible, do not travel either in London or in its environs. The strike was announced by Railroad, Marine and Transportation (RMT), Transportation Workers' Association (TSSA) and Unite members, all of whom will be on strike after ongoing wage talks failed to break the stalemate. As a result, at least 50% of the railways around London will stop, as well as the London Underground and at least one bus operator.

At the same time, the protests began on Thursday and will continue at least until Sunday. And experts fear that the “domino effect” will come around for at least another week.

Chaos is also supplemented by a natural factor: the phenomenal heat leaves Europe “with thunder and lightning” in the literal sense – storms, downpours and hurricane winds covered both European resorts, and Great Britain. Since Wednesday, some flights at Gatwick Airport have already been canceled due to poor weather conditions both in the south of England and in Europe.

Judging by the complaints of tourists on social networks, many people learned that their flight was canceled at the last moment – already at the airport, or even already on the plane. One tourist complained that he had to sit in the liner for three hours before they were told that the plane would not fly anywhere. Among those who canceled their flights are almost all popular budget travel carriers – EasyJet, Ryanair, British Airways, Vueling and Wizz Air.

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