The Chinese took shocking amounts from Russian tourists and were pushed by a Russian airline

The Chinese took shocking amounts from Russian tourists and were pushed by the Russian airline

The Chinese carrier Hainan Airlines is leaving the Russian market, having “lasted” on the Khabarovsk-Harbin route for about two months, although until recently it planned to continue flying until summer. According to the statement of the Chinese carrier itself, the reason was the low load of flights. However, according to, the reason was shocking ticket prices – five times higher than those of the Russian competitor, which eventually “pushed” the Chinese carrier from the route.

According to the publication, the Chinese airline operated flights from Harbin to Khabarovsk once a week on Tuesdays for about two and a half months. However, at the moment, the carrier has stopped serving passengers. According to the publication in the local branch of the PCT, the reason for the refusal of Hainan Airlines was the low loading of aircraft. If earlier the 164 liner was loaded more than well – about 130, then on the last flights their number did not exceed 30. And this made servicing the direction unprofitable, the carriers said.

However, experts noted another factor – shocking prices , especially in comparison with the Russian competitor. Hainan Airlines sold tickets at a price of 35,621 rubles for one way and 59,026 rubles for a round trip. In February, the Russian airline Aurora entered the same route, which started at a price almost five times lower – 7,450 rubles. for a one-way ticket and 10,617 rubles for a round trip. Moreover, the carrier increased the number of flights to three per week and slightly raised prices, but they are still lower than those of the Chinese competitor.

At the same time, Aurora also does not fly with a full load – on its Airbus A319 out of 128 From 50 to 70 seats are stably occupied, but judging by the increase in the number of routes, this suits the carrier. Aurora also plans the first flight to Beijing from Khabarovsk for the next few dates.

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