The cost of holidays in Turkey has collapsed, even more price cuts are ahead

The cost of holidays in Turkey has collapsed, even more price reductions are ahead

Turkish hotels are forced to cut prices significantly, as they feel a strong “shortage” of Russian tourists. As a result, Turkey offers prices that “are not available in Sochi.” At the same time, it is likely that with the launch of charter flights, when specially created airlines receive permission to fly to Russia, prices for tours to Turkey will fall even lower. This information was announced to Rossiyskaya Gazeta by the head of the Pink Elephant travel agency network, Alexan Mkrtchyan.

He noted that fewer Russian tourists are expected to come to Turkey this summer than expected – instead of 7 million, their number will be about 4 million. As a result, Turkish hotels are forced to greatly reduce prices. “For example, already in May, the discount was 30%, that is, a daily stay in a room cost not 100 euros, but 70 euros. Plus, the ruble has risen sharply against the Turkish lira, which is why Turkey offers such prices that are not available in Sochi,” Alexan Mkrtchyan said.

At the same time, according to his forecasts, the cost of package tours may fall and below. Now a significant share of the cost of the tour is air tickets. However, in the near future, experts expect an increase in the number of charter flights to Turkish resorts, primarily to Antalya. It is for these purposes that “Turkish” tour operators have created three airlines. All of them are already waiting for permission to fly.

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