The country has ceased to be favorable for the rest of the Russians – the ambassador of the Russian Federation

The country has ceased to be favorable for the rest of Russians - Ambassador of the Russian Federation

Another diplomatic claims about the attitude towards Russian tourists were voiced against Greece. Russian Ambassador to Greece Andrey Maslov on the air of the Rossiya 24 TV channel. called “unfavorable” the moral climate in the country for the rest of Russian tourists.

“After February 24, the wave of Russophobia in the media does not weaken, and it is fueled by the political leadership of the country. Literally every day we hear anti-Russian statements, and all this creates an unfavorable atmosphere,” he said.

He also added that there are also cases of threats against Russian citizens – the victims, according to him, regularly call the embassy. The only thing that the ambassador added in favor of the Greeks was that most of the threats come not from local residents, but from “nationalist-minded Ukrainians, both permanently residing in this country and the so-called refugees.”

Recall that this is not the first claim against Greece by the Foreign Ministry. Earlier in his statement, Yuri Pilipson, director of the Fourth European Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, painted a rather bleak picture of the attitude towards Russian tourists in Greece. “In the context of the ongoing anti-Russian rhetoric from Greek officials and the dissemination of disinformation about the events in Ukraine in the local media – and Russian informal sources have long been blocked – there continue to be reports of facts of discrimination and even direct aggression against Russians and Russian-speaking citizens,” he said. .

Tour operators, however, did not agree with this assessment. Recall, as stated by the managing director of TEZ TOUR Greece Dimitris Charitidis, the company did not record a single complaint from customers on the basis of Russophobia. “Greece has been and remains one of the most hospitable and friendly countries in relation to both Russians and guests of any other nationalities. Our peoples have been bound by close ties of friendship for more than a millennium. Government actions taken under the directives of the EU and NATO, of which the country is a member, do not affect the perception of the situation and the behavior of the population itself. According to national and international polls, almost 70% of Greek citizens have a good attitude towards Russia. In addition, the Greek consulate remains one of the most loyal and continues to issue visas. Holidays in the resorts of the country remain comfortable and safe,” Mr. Haritidis commented on the situation.

True, at least with the consulate and the issuance of visas to Greece, problems definitely arose: from Monday, June 27, the work of the Greek consulates in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk is suspended. ATOR reported. According to the association, which cites sources among tour operators, the reason for the closure of the Greek consulates is allegedly an update of the computer system for issuing visas. Read more at the link.

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