The country where digital nomads fled from Russia changed the rules of entry

The country where the digital nomads fled from Russia has changed the rules of entry

The country where, with the start of the Russian special operation, many Russians “relocated”, including IT specialists and other “digital nomads” working in foreign companies, canceled all “covid” restrictions. We are talking about Armenia – where the new entry rules came into force on May 1.

Tourists – including “migrating” Russians – are no longer required to present vaccination certificates and other PCR tests. It should be noted that under the canceled rules, each tourist was required to either have a certificate of vaccination or a negative PCR test result taken no less than 72 hours before entry. Only children under 6 were exempted from them. Now you can enter Armenia safely. Note that Russians do not even need a foreign passport – they can enter with a Russian one.

Note that in the country itself, most of the restrictions, including the mask regime, have been canceled since March. According to tour operators, a tour for citizens who do not want to “relocate”, but simply visit Armenia, will cost from 28 thousand for a weekend tour.

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