The country, which has become an alternative to Turkey in the Mediterranean, launches flights to Russia for tourists

The country, which has become an alternative to Turkey in the Mediterranean, launches flights to Russia for tourists

Details about the start of flights from Russia for tourists to the country , an alternative to Turkey in the Mediterranean, said PCT experts. As announced at the Tunisia tourism office before the New Year, the programs will start in April – and there is a rather active demand for them from Russian tourists, “warmed up” by good discounts.

We are talking about programs based on regular flights of the Tunisian carrier Nouvelair from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Monastir. The details on the programs are as follows: from Moscow, the flight program starts on April 8, from St. Petersburg – the day before, on April 7. Departures are supposed to be twice a week at the start of the program, but by the season the carrier expects to increase the number of flights to 8 per week.

Demand, as reported by the PCT, the main tour operators in Tunisia – “Grand Express” and “Express Tours” – allows us to hope for an expansion of programs. “The presence of direct transportation has noticeably spurred demand for the destination, bookings go deeper until October,” Hatem Amami, general director of the Express Tour tour operator, told the PCT. He emphasized separately that tourists from the regions are also ready to use the flights.

Demand is also increased by bonuses from early booking programs. Until the end of January, you can book tours to hotels in Mahdia, Monastir, Sousse and Hammamet for dates from April to November 2023 with a discount of up to 50%. Further, the discount, according to the head of Express Tour, will “gradually decrease.”

The Tunisian expert also once again emphasized the main advantage of the carrier. “Despite the difficult situation with flights due to Western sanctions, Nouvelair, unlike other carriers, did not have to lengthen the route, its travel time, as before the special operation, takes 3.5 hours from St. Petersburg and 4 hours from Moscow “. Thus, Tunisia is among the most accessible destinations.

Recall that the launch of these programs at the Tunisian tourism office was announced before the New Year. Last year, out of 6 million tourists that Tunisia received, only 10 thousand were our tourists. And the country intends to correct this situation. At the same time, it was announced that negotiations were underway with a number of tour operators in order to launch charter chains of Russian airlines in Tunisia. Read more at this link.

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