The date announced when tourists will be able to call their phone and connect to the Internet on airplanes

The date announced when tourists will be able to call their phones and connect to the Internet on airplanes

Air tourists will be able to make personal phone calls and connect to the Internet on airplanes by the summer of 2023 – from the beginning of July they will no longer need to put their phone into airplane mode. True, for now, the innovation will only operate in the sky over Europe.

Next summer, the EU will provide member countries, and thus air carriers, with 5G, which will connect to special picocell technology and provide the network on their flights. This was announced by the European Union at the end of November.

Recall that currently all airlines insist that phones and tablets be switched to flight mode before departure. According to experts, this is due to the fact that phone signals can be interrupted by the aircraft's own alarm system, as well as the communication of pilots with ground personnel. Because of this, communication with the outside world is interrupted for travelers on the plane.

But times are changing. In late November, the European Union announced that airlines would now be allowed to provide 5G on flights. This will mean that Airplane Mode is no longer a requirement for travelers in the skies within the EU, and they will be able to use their smartphone without restrictions while flying.

Help: 5G is the fifth generation of mobile communications, operating on the basis of telecommunication standards following the existing 4G/IMT-Advanced standards. A wireless radio frequency that transmits information over the air.

The deadline by which EU countries must provide such 5G frequencies for aircraft is also fast approaching. They will need to do so by June 30, 2023. According to Lonely Planet, the Picocell technology will connect aircraft to the mobile network on the ground via satellite. When the equipment is installed on flights, passengers will be able to use their phones using mobile data: broadcast and download videos, read Turprom news … However, it remains to be seen whether the connection service will be free for passengers.

Note that in Wi-Fi is currently available on many European flights at a premium rate. For example, the British carrier British Airways charges from 152 rubles at the exchange rate.

The problem also arises for travelers who do not have free roaming covered by their provider. As flights change from one country to another in the air, international roaming charges may apply.

Another downside to this idea is that some holidaymakers may spend the entire flight in noisy and annoying conversations while others would like to sleep. Or children may watch loud programs that will ring in their ears if they don't use headphones. In addition, passengers even decide to shoot and post videos on TikTok while in the air.

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