The date of the first flight to Georgia and the opening of sales of package tours there has been announced

The date of the first flight to Georgia and the opening of sales of package tours there has been announced

The date of the first direct flight to Georgia has been announced: from May 19, Azimut Airlines announced the start flights on the new route Moscow-Tbilisi-Moscow. Tour operators say they are ready to start selling tours with these flights by the end of May… But so far, direct flights are losing out on transfer prices.

According to Azimuth, flights will be operated daily from May 19 according to the schedule:

  1. A4851, departure from Vnukovo at 08:50, landing in Tbilisi at 13:50
  2. A4852, departure from Tbilisi at 14:55, landing at Vnukovo at 17:30

< p> Prices, interestingly, the carrier indicates in euros. According to him, air tickets from Moscow to Tbilisi are available from 200 euros, from Tbilisi to Moscow – from 220 euros, fees are charged additionally (i.e., at the current exchange rate, the price is from 17.5 to 19 thousand rubles)

Tourist market experts, in turn, commented to ATOR that tours to Georgia on this transportation may appear in their assortment within the next two weeks. “We can talk about an organized tourist flow only after the schedule normalizes and flights will be pulled up by GDS. We do not rule out that this will happen within the next two weeks,” Intourist explained. According to other market players, such as Russian Express, it may take “a couple of days” to form packages.

At the same time, experts also note difficulties. Firstly, while “transfer” flights benefit from the price. For example, a Georgian Airways and Air Dilijans flight with a stopover in Yerevan is 10% cheaper and 30 minutes “shorter”.

At the same time, experts note that the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency has stated that flights between Georgia and Russia will carried out only by airlines and aircraft that are not under international sanctions. “That is, we are hardly talking about aircraft other than the SSJ-100. There are such airlines in the fleet of Rossiya, Severstal, Azimuth, Iraero and Red Wings airlines. Moreover, it is the last company from the list, according to the data of the Federal Air Transport Agency dated May 11, that has valid permits for flights to Georgia,” the association added. At the same time, Azimuth flights will obviously not be enough, they added to ATOR. However, the Georgian aviation authorities also stated that they are considering applications from several more carriers, including the Georgian Georgian Airways.

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