The European Parliament called on the EU to urgently create an “EU Tourism Agency” and severe restrictions on Russia

< /p>The COVID-19 pandemic and the events in Ukraine have shown that it is urgent to establish the EU Tourism Agency and the European Crisis Management Mechanism in order to adequately and quickly respond to crises of large scale, such as pandemics, military actions, humanitarian crises and the effects of climate change, said members of the European Parliament. In addition, they called on the EU to impose even more severe sanctions against Russia, and European transport and tourism operators decided to provide support for their assistance to refugees from Ukraine.

According to a press release issued by the European Parliament, the situation in Ukraine has affected the EU transport and tourism sector as fuel prices have risen sharply and, as MEPs noted, EU transport operators should be supported.

Sanctions against the Russian transport sector< /p>

European officials are concerned about how geopolitical events have affected the aviation sector, as the Federal Air Transport Agency has required Russian airlines to re-register leased aircraft in the national register. In addition, the EU authorities called for even more stringent sanctions against the Russian maritime sector and to ban the entry of ships that moored in Russia on their way to EU ports. In addition, all ships wishing to stop in EU ports should be prohibited from refueling their vehicles in Russian ports, the European resolution said.

Increase funding for military mobilization within the EU

According to MPs, the decision of the European Council to refuse funding for military mobility was a mistake that undermines European security. Against this background, they criticized the decision and called on the Commission to find a solution for a significant increase in the military mobility budget under the Connected Europe Facility program.

“The EU should help Member States develop dual-use infrastructure and transport links within the EU, as well as with the Western Balkans, Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine, MEPs add, also advocating the expansion of the trans-European transport network to Ukraine. and Moldova,” the press release said.

Thus, the EU Parliament quickly approved the filing of an official application for EU accession by Moldova, although a similar decision is not made in relation to Ukraine. According to a press release published by the parliament, Moldova has received the status of a candidate for joining the EU bloc.

Helping tourism focused on Ukraine

European Parliament officials at a meeting called on a bloc of 27 countries to support hotels and other tourist accommodation facilities that house Ukrainian refugees. They also demanded that the Commission create a temporary EU financial program to help travel companies that hire people from Ukraine.

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