The explosion rocked the main tourist street of Istanbul, where the Russian consulate is located

An explosion occurred on the main tourist street of Istanbul, where the Russian consulate is located

On Sunday afternoon, Turkish tourism was dealt a severe blow: a suicide bomber blew himself up on walking street in Istanbul. We are talking about the main tourist street of the unofficial capital of Turkey – Istiklal Street, where the Consulate General of Russia is also located. Immediately after the explosion, a real panic began on the street itself and in the nearby area – tourists walking along the promenade rushed to run …

By Sunday evening, it was reliably known about 6 dead and at least 53 wounded. Neither their nationality, nor the organizer of the terrorist attack is known yet: information is received extremely sparingly, because. Turkish authorities banned TV channels from broadcasting from the site of the explosion. Not only the site of the attack, but the entire street has been cordoned off. The authorities do not allow the press to the place of the tragedy.

By evening, it became known that the Istanbul Prosecutor General's Office officially qualified the explosion on Istiklal Street as a terrorist attack. It is obvious that it will hit not only Turkish tourism in general and the Russian tourist flow to Turkey in particular. It will also hit Erdogan, who has recently paid special attention to security issues: such an explosion in the center of Istanbul is a blow to his image, and next year there will be presidential elections in Turkey … So those interested in Erdogan's removal could be the customers of the terrorist attack in order to alienate Turkey from Russia, breaking their close cooperation in many areas of the economy …

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