The famous hotel in Turkey is looted: around the bums, burning fires in the rooms

Famous hotel in Turkey plundered: vagabonds burning bonfires in the rooms

A popular Turkish hotel in the past was completely plundered in just five years and became a criminal “squat” – homeless people, drug addicts and other asocial elements entered the hotel under trial, after which the once fashionable place became a source of danger for the entire neighborhood. We are talking about the Legend Hotel, located near the popular Riva Beach, a little over forty kilometers from Istanbul.

More recently, the Legend Hotel was a popular attraction point – it had 186 rooms, it was located on the largest plot of land in the region , and has been managed by Galip Ozturk, the owner of Metro Turizm, since 2009. Before that, by the way, the hotel was known in the sports world – in particular, as the location of the national team.

The hotel disaster began when the owner of the hotel opened a tender for the sale of the hotel and land, the price of the hotel was set at 71 million Turkish lira, but the tender was not awarded, and subsequently turned into a lawsuit. It happened in 2017 – and since then the “homeless” hotel has been attacked by robbers.

Everything in the hotel has been looted and turned into ruins, Turkish media write. All the remaining valuables, up to the wiring, have been taken out – now unknown people without a fixed place of residence burn fires in the former “luxury” rooms and pollute the territory, including literally, with excrement. But worse than that, the former hotel has become a generator of security problems for the entire area – the homeless and drug addicts living in this huge “squat” are a danger to the local population and tourists: Riva beach is still an attractive place for thousands of Istanbulites.

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