The flight attendant called three steps to overcome the fear of flying on a plane

The stewardess named three steps to overcome the fear of flying on an airplane

Aerophobia, ie. Fear of being in an airplane or other flying vehicle during a flight affects a significant percentage of Russians, although some of them try not to show it. As flight attendant Patricia Green pointed out for Simple Flying, there is actually a way to overcome your fear of flying. To do this, you need to follow three steps.

For aerophobes, flying is not a quick way to get from one point to another, it is the state of being trapped in a metal tube 9,000 kilometers up in the sky. And this description sounds like a terrifying prospect to them, and some may be prevented from boarding the aircraft.

According to the flight attendant, passengers should feel safe while in the air. What to do to overcome the feeling of fear?

Realize that the chances of dying on an airplane are low

Surprisingly, many people are afraid of flying despite the fact that it is one of the safest ways to travel.
“You are more likely to die from being trampled to death by a donkey than to be in a plane crash. The most dangerous part of your family holiday is, in fact, driving to the airport. The probability of dying while traveling by car is estimated at 1 in 107, while air travel was not even reported, as their number was negligible,” she said.

Watch flight attendants

Few people will know more about whether a plane is in trouble than the people who spend most of the day on it. If the flight attendants aren't worried, the passengers shouldn't either, so the interviewee's advice is to unobtrusively monitor the staff and how they behave.

She also recommended not to be shy and tell one of them if the tourist really is afraid of flying. The staff will do their best to make him feel at ease.

Learn to fly

It may seem strange, but one of the things that puts people off flying , is the lack of control. By learning how airplanes work and how they fly, passengers will be in better control of the situation when they board. In the meantime, these tips will help travelers prepare for flying if they are struggling with fear, including courses to help overcome their phobia.

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