The flight attendant revealed the secret language they use on board

A flight attendant revealed the secret language they use on board

Flight attendants are very busy, so to save time and hide information from passengers, they use their own secret language. As a rule, they use it to talk among themselves about passengers, including those they find attractive. Some of the strange-sounding terminology common on overseas airlines was revealed by flight attendants at

Milk Fairy

After serving food on most flights, flight attendants serve tea and coffee. “Milk Fairy” in flight attendants' parlance, the crew member responsible for bringing in an extra tray of milk, sugar and stirrers.

Gash Cart

This combination of words refers to all the garbage in the cabin. When the Gash cart is deployed, it means the flight attendants are picking up trash from one of their carts in tow.

Slam Click

Used to refer to a crew member who does not like to socialize after a flight. The phrase literally refers to the sound of the hotel door slamming and the key turning in the lock.


Flight attendants have a particular language in which they speak about passengers, including those they find attractive. According to crew member Owen Beddall, who wrote the book Confessions of a Qantas Steward, his colleagues used the word “Bob” to refer to pretty travelers. The term stands for “Best on Board” and is used by staff to point out a passenger to others without alerting members of the public.

By the way, flight attendants on Russian airlines also use a secret language. So, a Russian flight attendant revealed the secret nickname given to hated passengers – details here.


This is a rude trick used by flight attendants. “Harvesting is a disgusting, albeit very common, method of retribution. If a passenger behaves very rudely, then it is not unusual for a flight attendant to carry wind and “seed dust” past the offender. “Childish? Yes. Satisfactorily? Yes, too,” said flight attendant and columnist Amanda Pleva.


Former flight attendant Kat Kamalani, now popular in TikTok explained that the acronym KCM stands for Famous Crew Member. She also acknowledged that this means doing a lot of background checks, including background checks and fingerprint scans. However, all of this gives them exclusive access to the airport – and a secret door through security: “We can actually go through the little secret door, show our badge, show our famous crew member, he gets scanned and we just go through, we don't have to engage in safety.”

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