The flight attendant told about the food that is better not to take on the plane

A flight attendant told me about food not to take on a plane

Tourists who choose flights without meals on board or do not like airplane food often take their own food on board , which is incredibly annoying to the crew. The flight attendant told Mail Online what kind of food they should not take on the plane so as not to provoke conflict situations.

Caroline Naitz has worked as a flight attendant for Emirates for six years and shared her experience regarding the worst on-air food, according to the crew. “The worst thing is when children are smuggled in chips and cookies as a snack. Little passengers scatter them on the seats and leave a bunch of crumbs around their legs, ”complained the flight attendant. Chopped fruits and vegetables are Caroline's best choice, as they don't leave a lot of trash.

Not so long ago, the wrong choice of food on the plane caused a conflict between passengers and crew. Baseball player Anthony Bass was traveling with his family and the flight attendants asked his pregnant wife to clean up the trash left by their 5 and 2 year olds. In one of the social networks, the athlete posted a photo, which shows popcorn scattered in places and in the aisle. The man complained about the crew, but in the comments, most of the users said that it was his responsibility to clean up after himself, and not leave it to the poor cleaning team.

Caroline Neitz commented on the situation: “Passengers need to treat public spaces like rooms in their own home. Creating a big mess there is a form of vandalism. Yes, I do believe that a parent should take care that the child does not spoil the place.”

The flight attendant also acknowledged that this is not the job of a team of flight attendants, but of cleaners. However, most airlines have very short flight times, so keeping the cabin clean speeds things up. Verna Montalvo, a cabin cleaner for American Airlines at Dallas-Fort Worth, said she and her team sometimes have only four minutes to complete the job.

Don't take anything on board when traveling with a strong smell. Crew members say the things they most dislike are cooked eggs, fish and broccoli. It is better not to take pasta, as it “does not warm up well”, and bread rolls contain heavy carbohydrates and can worsen the condition from jet lag.

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