The full list of available flights from/to Russia by country and airline has been published

Full list of available flights from/to Russia by countries and airlines has been published

Despite air sanctions, a Russian tourist can still travel to 15 countries – and many of them are “tourist specialization”. True, foreign carriers fly there – only 24 airlines. At the same time, we note that many carriers that canceled flights announced cancellations before the end of March – and from April-May, on the contrary, some import carriers planned to restore flights.

In the meantime, that is, in the coming dates in March 2022, direct flights of foreign airlines from Russia fly to 15 countries:

  1. Turkey,
  2. UAE,
  3. Bahrain,
  4. Qatar,< /li>
  5. Morocco,
  6. Iran,
  7. Kazakhstan,
  8. Kyrgyzstan,
  9. Armenia,
  10. Belarus,
  11. Turkmenistan,
  12. Tajikistan,
  13. Uzbekistan,
  14. India,
  15. Sri Lanka.

Experts of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia have compiled for tourists a detailed list of air carriers and flights flying on “exit” routes. It looks like this:

  1. Air Arabia
    Moscow – Sharjah (UAE), 7 flights per week, plus several additional flights in March
    Ekaterinburg – Sharjah (UAE), 2 flights per week from 30.03.2022
  2. Air India – Moscow – Delhi (India), 2 flights per week
  3. Air Manas flies to Kyrgyzstan from Moscow and Yekaterinburg
  4. Air Serbia Moscow – Belgrade (Serbia), 15 flights per week (with the EU partly « pushed through” Serbia: reduction to 7 flights a week announced, dates not yet clear, more details on the advice from the Serbian side – below)
  5. Armenia
    Moscow (Vnukovo) – Yerevan (Armenia), 14 flights
    Moscow (Sheremetyevo) – Yerevan (Armenia), 3 flights per week
    Voronezh – Yerevan (Armenia), 1 flight per week from March 27
  6. Belavia
    Moscow – Minsk (Belarus) , 35 flights per week
    St. Petersburg – Minsk (Belarus), 14 flights per week
  7. El Al – Moscow – Tel Aviv (Israel), 14 flights per week
  8. < li>Emirates
    Moscow – Dubai (UAE), 14 flights per week, from 03.04.2022 – 7 flights per week
    St. Petersburg – Dubai (UAE), 7 flights per week

    < li>Etihad Airways – Sheremetyevo (Moscow) – Abu Dhabi (UAE), 7 flights per week

  9. Flydubai
    Moscow – Dubai (UAE), 28 flights per week, plus additional flights until 03/27/2022 year
    Kazan – Dubai (UAE), 3 flights per week
    Yekaterinburg – Dubai (UAE), 4 flights per week
    Novosibirsk – Dubai (UAE), 3 flights per week
    Ufa – Dubai (UAE), 2 flights per week
    Makhachkala – Dubai (UAE), 2 flights per week
    Samara – Dubai (UAE), 2 flights per week
    Mineralnye Vody – Dubai ( UAE), 4 flights per week
  10. FlyOne Armenia – Moscow – Yerevan (Armenia), 5 flights per week
  11. Fly Arystan flies to Kazakhstan from Yekaterinburg
  12. Gulf Air – Moscow – Bahrain (Bahrain), 4 flights per week< /li>
  13. Mahan Air – Moscow – Tehran (Iran), 1 flight per week, 3-5 flights announced at the end of March
  14. Qatar Airways
    Moscow – Doha (Qatar), 6 flights per week
    St. Petersburg – Doha (Qatar), 3 flights per week
  15. Qanot Sharq flies from Moscow to Uzbekistan
  16. Qazaq AIR flies to Kazakhstan from Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Omsk and Kazan.
  17. Royal Air Maroc – Moscow – Casablanca (Morocco), 1 flight per week
  18. Turkish Airlines
    Moscow – Istanbul (Turkey), more than 30 flights per week
    St. Petersburg – Istanbul (Turkey), 14 flights per week
    Yekaterinburg – Istanbul (Turkey), 3 flights per week
  19. Turkmenistan Airlines flies from Moscow to Ashgabat (Turkmenistan)
  20. Scat flies to Kazakhstan from Moscow, as well as Grozny and Makhachkala
  21. Somon Air flies from Moscow to the cities of Tajikistan, there are also flights from St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg,
  22. SriLankan Airlines – Moscow – Colombo (Sri Lanka), 2 flights a week
  23. Uzbekistan Airways offers an extensive range of flights to Uzbekistan – both from Moscow and St. Petersburg, and from the regions.

At the same time, we note that the “sanctions war” continues, as well as an attempt to “land” the planes of airlines flying to Russia, threatening them with problems with insurance and other troubles. Thus, due to the consequences of Western sanctions in March, the Azerbaijani company Azerbajzan Airlines (AZAL) refused to fly from Russia. More importantly, Egyptian EgyptAir flights from Cairo to Moscow are still in a state of suspension, the deadline was announced until March 10, but it was extended, and also canceled flights to Russia and the low-cost carrier Pegasus Airlines – which unequivocally reported that he was “threatened” with insurance.

Problems also arose at the only air bridge to Europe – flights to Belgrade. As already mentioned, the EU “pushed through” the reduction of flights to seven per week. According to the correspondent of “TURPROM”, from the field – i.e. from Serbia, the Air Serbia call center in Belgrade advises tourists the following:

  • For those who have purchased tickets for flights that have been cancelled. The flight will be rescheduled to the next flight. For more information, please visit the airline's website.
  • For those who are just planning to buy a ticket. You can pay it in rubles in Russia at the company's office. Also, tickets can only be purchased through ticket agents or tour operators. Online payments on the airline's website using Visa and Mastercard cards issued by Russian banks are not possible.

ATOR experts also noted that some foreign carriers plan to resume flights to Russia in the near future. Including:

  • A/k Saudia (former Saudi Arabian Airlines) decided to open flights to Russia a month earlier and Sheremetyevo plans to start flying from March 15.
  • the resumption of flights Domodedovo (Moscow) – Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) from April 30 announced Air Cairo (1 flight per week).
  • Royal Jordanian plans to start flying on the route Domodedovo (Moscow) – Amman (Jordan) from April 26 (2 flights per week).
  • Oman Air announces Domodedovo (Moscow) – Muscat (Oman) flights from May 1 (7 flights per week).
  • Armenia will launch a flight program to Yerevan from Mineralnye Vody (1 flight per week).

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