The gendarmes went with checks on the apartments of Russians with a residence permit in Turkey

The gendarmes went to check the apartments of Russians with a residence permit in Turkey

Gendarmerie officers in Turkey launched mass checks of Russians with a residence permit. According to the Russian woman on the Yandex.Zen channel, law enforcement officers make door-to-door rounds and ask for documents on the right to reside at the location.

According to Turkish law, foreigners who receive a residence permit on the basis of ownership of real estate or on the basis of a lease agreement must reside at the address indicated during registration. “Moreover, they usually come in the evening (quite late) to guarantee to catch the owners of the house. If there is no one in the apartment, they can ask the neighbors or kapydzha (an employee hired by the management company or house manager to provide constant care and supervision of the house),” she specified.

According to the compatriot, there have always been spot checks, but with new waves of emigration and the closure of a large number of resort areas for foreign tourists, checks have become widespread. “In Turkey, more than 1,100 districts are currently closed for obtaining primary residence permits by foreigners. And since the flow of visitors from different countries is only increasing, the demand for rental is huge. There are cases when people register and receive a residence permit at one address (in an open area), but in fact live at a different address (in a closed area), i.e. break the law. And there are even “helpers” who offer such a service of registration in an open area under a residence permit,” the Russian woman added.

These are the violations that the gendarmerie stops. Violators, i.e. those whose actual place of residence does not match the one indicated in the documents face administrative and judicial prosecution. The website of the Turkish Migration Service also states that the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs “regularly monitors the number and density of residence of foreigners who have a legal right to stay in Turkey, and carefully monitors compliance with the prohibitions on the residence of foreigners in closed areas of the country.”

The security department and the main command of the gendarmerie reported on their raids. So, for the incomplete year 2022, the gendarmerie routinely checked 3,791,198 foreign citizens by going to the addresses. For living in a closed area, administrative and judicial measures can be applied to tourists, the gendarmerie recalled.

How can a Russian protect himself during a check?

Let's quote a blogger living in Turkey: “First of all, live by registration, of course. “Do not fall for” all sorts of illegal offers and assurances that you can register in one place and live in another – this can threaten you with a minimum fine, a maximum – deportation. Well, to have in quick access the document that served as the basis for registration and obtaining a residence permit (TAPU, lease agreement),” she explained and added unofficial recommendations for long-term tourists. Among them is a friendly neighborhood, because in the event of a check “if you were not at home, they could confirm that you live here.”

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