The initiators of holiday romances are mainly women: the percentage of Russian women walking on vacation with foreigners is revealed

The initiators of resort romances are mostly women: the percentage of Russian women who go on vacation with foreigners is revealed

Approximately one in ten Russians had a holiday romance with foreigners on vacation, while this figure is much higher among the fair sex. This was reported by, referring to a study of the Skillbox educational platform.

According to him, most often women get acquainted with foreigners on vacation. They scored 23 percent. At the same time, only 11 percent of men are ready to get acquainted with foreign women. By the way, at the same time, every third somehow managed without knowing English, 33% managed to cope by speaking Russian. 24% spoke English.

Interestingly, another study previously conducted showed that “Russo tourist” is more of a “moral appearance”: a poll by the service, where about 3.5 thousand people voted, showed that 37% of the respondents said that not only did they themselves not start holiday romances , but also categorically against this type of “entertainment” on vacation. Another 32% turned out to be theorists – in general, they do not mind, but they have not happened in their lives. The gender of the respondents was not specified. Read the details in this article.

International polls are more candid. On vacation, one in five expects to make new friends, and one in four out of 10 started holiday romances, a study by showed. Of the 2,000 people surveyed, it turned out that three out of ten invited complete strangers to join them for a drink or dinner while on vacation, one in five vacationers go on a trip in the hope of making new friends along the way, and 12% even changed their plans to meet closer. Four out of ten of those selected had a holiday romance, and 13% deliberately choose places for party-goers and parties to make friends. Moreover, 27% of the respondents added people they met on vacation to groups on social networks, and more than one in four or 26% invited their resort friends to visit later. Read the details at this link.

However, the fair sex should be warned – not all acquaintances end happily. So, the risk of falling into slavery in Antalya scared tourists, and especially tourists traveling alone, the Belarusian stand-up comedian Irina Prikhodko – according to the story of the artist, she herself almost fell into slavery according to this scheme. Read the details here.

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