The island beloved by Russians will introduce a tax on tourists

Beloved by Russians, the island will introduce a tax on tourists

Another way to deal with penniless tourists-violators was announced by the Indonesian authorities. According to their statement, the country is considering introducing a tourist tax for visitors to Bali. The official explanation is that the tax will go to environmental needs, but local media make it clear in plain text that the introduction of the tax will add another potential obstacle for “budget” tourists – the main violations of the visa regime and other laws of the country.

Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno took the official stance and said the tax would raise funds for local conservation projects, including replanting mangroves and coral reefs, to ensure that visitors have a positive impact on the local environment. As government officials added, “Indonesia is looking to Thailand as a guide on this issue.” The minister also added that the timing of the introduction and the amount of the tax are still being discussed.

However, further experts explicitly recalled that dozens of foreigners had recently been deported from Bali, primarily Russians. The fact that the emphasis is on the Russians was also confirmed by special billboards in Russian and English, recently installed along the roads, warning our fellow citizens about possible deportation. Read the details at this link.

Let's recall the most high-profile scandals with Russian tourists in Bali, which led to the deportation of violators:

  1. A Russian tourist was deported from a popular resort for a nude photo in the background sacred plant – read details here;
  2. On a popular island, Russians were caught for organizing gambling for tourists – details here;
  3. He will answer for his bare ass: a stripped Russian tourist will be deported from a popular island – details read this link.

By the way, Europe continues to fight with taxes on tourists who are “already tortured” – the initiative was put forward in Madrid. Read more here.

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