The liner with Russian tourists crashed into the pier in the Turkish port: now divers got down to business

A liner with Russian tourists crashed into a pier in a Turkish port: now divers have taken over

Unfavorable weather conditions and stormy winds led to the fact that the liner with Russian tourists crashed into a pier in a Turkish port while trying to moor. We are talking about the liner Astoria Grande. According to Turkish media, there were no casualties on the liner. At the moment, divers have taken up the case, examining the ship's hull for damage.

According to information from a representative of Miray Cruises, which owns the liner, Astoria Grande crashed into the pier of the port of Amasra in the western part of the Black Sea. The reason was the weather conditions, in the first place – a storm wind. There are 668 people on board, including 385 passengers and 283 crew members. According to a company representative, as a result of the incident, none of the tourists were injured and did not seek help.

At the moment, divers are examining the hull of the liner for damage. If everything goes well, the liner will go further along the route. According to preliminary data, Astoria arrived from Sochi, Istanbul should be the next stop.

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