The lives of tourists at once three resorts on the Red Sea are in jeopardy: people are fleeing, many have died

The lives of tourists from three resorts on the Red Sea are at risk: people are fleeing, many have died

The disaster in the Jordanian port of Aqaba threatened at least three resorts in three countries on the Red Sea at once – we are talking about Aqaba itself, as well as the neighboring Israeli resort of Eilat and the Egyptian resort of Taba.

Recall that in Monday in the port of Aqaba there was an explosion of a tanker with a “toxic poisonous substance”, presumably chlorine or some of its compounds. At the moment, 13 dead and almost 250 injured are known. The beaches of at least Aqaba are officially closed, moreover, all citizens and tourists are advised to stay indoors and not open windows.

The details of the disaster are as follows: – it happened on Monday when loading a large tank with a “toxic gaseous substance” onto a ship. The presented videos show that during loading, the slings at the crane could not stand it, the tank fell off the winch and fell onto the deck of the ship, after which it split and exploded in a cloud of poisonous yellow smoke. The footage also shows port workers trying to flee. According to preliminary data, the tank contained 25 tons of chlorine intended for export.

At the moment, all the beaches of Aqaba have been evacuated, shipping has been stopped, state television reported. As Jamal Obeidat, head of Aqaba's Department of Health, added on the air, the situation is critical and there could be more deaths related to the leak.

There could be even more problems due to Aqaba's location. The Jordanian port, also known as the resort of Aqaba, Jordan's only outlet to the sea, is located “at the tip” of the northern tip of the Red Sea bay of the same name, just 20 km from the Israeli resort of Eilat. Israel owns 11 km of the coast here, and Jordan – 27. Many tourists also used Aqaba as a starting point for the famous sights of Jordan – the Nabataean city of Petra, which is located a two-hour drive from the city. Egypt may be the third victim – the resort of Taba is located on the other side of the bay from Aqaba.

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