The long-awaited discounts on hotels in Egypt have been announced: the details of the discount and its terms have been announced

The long-awaited discounts on hotels in Egypt have been announced: the details of the discount and its terms have been announced

After May 11, Egypt will become cheaper: tour operators have announced long-awaited discounts on hotels in Egypt, the details of the discount and its terms have been named. As experts of the tourist market told ATOR, Egypt will not change the tradition of making discounts for the summer, which is considered a low season for Egypt. From the second half of May to August inclusive, hotels in Egypt will experience a seasonal price reduction, special promotions and offers will appear. Among the special offers, experts also named room upgrades, free accommodation for children, transfers, discounts on additional services and other services. In general, Egypt may well lure away part of the Turkish segment, frightened by rising prices.

“Until the tenth of May, resort hotels in Egypt operate with a high load due to religious holidays and related vacations both in Egypt and in other Muslim countries. Plus, a large flow of tourists comes from Russia and a number of other CIS countries, where the May holidays are celebrated,” the tour operators noted. However, after May 11, the season ends in all markets and prices begin to decline. Which, according to Intourist, will be from 10% to 25%, ANEX Tour announced a reduction in prices for the summer season by 10-15%, and TEZ TOUR noted that discounts for individual objects in June reach up to 60%.

Prices for the end of May, the experts presented the following:

  • Intourist: a tour with a departure from Moscow on regular flights for 7 nights costs from 130 thousand rubles. for two.
  • PAC Group: tour with a departure on May 24 for 7 nights in a 3 * hotel (all inclusive, Sharm el-Sheikh) – from 124,760 rubles. for two.
  • Space Travel: GDS tour with departure from Moscow and accommodation in a 4 * hotel (all inclusive) – from $ 1544 for two.
  • Ambotis Holidays: 7-night tour departing May 10 to Sharm el-Sheikh (3* hotel, all inclusive, regular flight) – from $1,898 for two; tour with a departure on May 14 to Hurghada (3 * hotel, all inclusive, GDS flight) – from 1552 dollars for two.
  • PEGAS Touristik: tour for two for 7 nights (all inclusive) with a flight to Sharm el-Sheikh on May 25 to a 3* hotel – from 137,645 rubles, a 4* hotel – from 138,936 rubles, a 5* hotel – from 146,684 rubles
  • TEZ TOUR: the cost of tours with departures at the end of May starts from 173,800 rubles. for two.

Let us remind you that even a part of the “Turkish” audience, frightened by the rise in prices, began to reorient itself towards Egypt. True, in the end, Turkish hoteliers “reversed” and. the cost of tours from at least Moscow can be reduced by a quarter. The mid-market price reduction and the possible return of last-minute tours will allow to “revive the market”. If this happens, then, according to her, tours from Moscow will become much cheaper – by 15-25%. Read more at this link.

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