The main beach of Turkey's most popular resort among Russians has turned into a dump

The main beach of Turkey's most popular resort among Russians has turned into a dump

The main beach of Alanya, the most popular Turkish resort among family Russians, has actually turned into a garbage dump. We are talking about the Damlatash beach, which tourists completely filled up with garbage over the current summer, and the local municipality turned a blind eye to this. A Russian woman living in Turkey spoke about the “garbage drama” on her Yandex.Zen channel.

According to the landmark, Damlatas is located at the very beginning of Cleopatra's beach under a rock, near the cave of the same name, most of the holidaymakers in the resort flock here. “Here is a wonderful entrance to the Maldivian-colored water, chic coarse sand, which Alanya is so famous for, wonderful views of the peninsula with a fortress, the line of the Alanya coast, the mountains surrounding the city. Many people like to come here very much, considering this place to be really the best in Alanya … Yes, something disappoints us from time to time: either the rudeness of the cafe staff, or too many people and lack of space, or a large amount of algae on the sand and in the water. But in any case, we always come back here, because it’s beautiful here,” the blogger described the coast.

However, last week a trip to the beach did not bring positive emotions: “This is some kind of nightmare. Favorite beach has already turned into a real garbage dump on the way to it. The lawn is a dry area littered with all sorts of rubbish: bottles, candy wrappers, lids, bags, pieces of paper, some blankets, leftover food, rags, boxes, even used diapers that someone did not bring to the trash can, but attached to the parapet . For weeks there is some kind of rusty faded sign (which, apparently, the employees of the beach cafe cannot take away in any way). Everywhere heaps of bags with garbage left by vacationers are piled up. Where is the municipality looking? The problem is solved by banal cleaning. On the beach, the situation is no better. At the foot of the cliff there is the same pile of garbage bags and just separate garbage. The sand is littered with cigarette butts. Let a child play in the sand? No, thank you, I won’t sit on this sand myself.”

The footage published by the Russian woman shows sand littered with the remains of the life of vacationers. Moreover, garbage heaps did not appear in one day, but accumulated and carefully trampled down by tourists for a long time.

“The beach is now extremely disgusting. On top of all the bad things we saw on the beach, I managed to wheel-run into someone's, sorry, shit..o washed) – and it's near the central city beach! The gems of the city! – the traveler reproached the behavior of the locals.

The author saw the reason for what was happening in people. “This is all done by people – Turks, Russians, Europeans, Arabs and others – in general, everything. Decent and thinking – units. Most people shit right under their feet, ”she explained and reminded them of the need to take their garbage with them.

On the other hand, the authorities of the resort town “relaxed” and, according to the Russian woman, they don’t clean the central beach for weeks and don’t give others: “In general, it’s just a disgrace. And people have a rest – apparently everything suits them … But the issue is solved simply by daily cleaning. And sand can be cleaned with special rakes from debris. And there are obviously not enough garbage cans there, since people pile up waste in heaps … The municipality even forbids holding subbotniks when volunteers and activists offer their help in cleaning, ”the author continued to be indignant.

The Russian woman turned out to be an activist and said she didn’t let the situation take its course: she wrote about the egregious state of the coast and will continue to write complaints to the municipality addressed to the mayor. In addition, she reported this to newspapermen and bloggers.
“Alanya positions itself as a resort, I read in the media that authorities at various levels are talking about the need to improve the quality of tourists in Alanya – in the sense that people come here richer. What quality of tourists can we talk about if the city cannot cope with cleanliness on its main beach! – wrote a Russian woman worried about the cleanliness of the coast.

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