The mass arrival of German pensioners to Hurghada for the winter began

The mass arrival of German pensioners to Hurghada for the winter has begun

German pensioners massively rushed to buy tours to Egyptian Hurghada to avoid the cold European winter and excessive spending on heating their homes. Recall that the cost of energy resources in Europe has grown significantly after a series of geopolitical events and the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions this year, and it is obvious that prices for gas and other fuels will only continue to grow.

According to a Russian woman living in Egypt, the resorts of Krasnoe The seas have always been of interest to older German tourists, but this winter there will be much more of them than usual.

Here is what a compatriot wrote in her Yandex.Zen channel: “Two large German tour operators TUI Group and FTI confirmed a disproportionately large demand for the coming winter: “Savings on heating will be one of the main demand factors in the German tourist market in the coming winter season” . Retirees from Germany have already begun to massively book tours to Egypt.

It is estimated that the tour, even in the All Inclusive format, will cost older Germans less than spending on heating, the price of which has skyrocketed in the country. For example, the price of accommodation (holiday and full board) in a hotel in Hurghada in January and February for 80 days will cost an elderly couple €1,600 (more than 102,000 rubles). And if you rent an apartment, then twice cheaper. Whereas at home only utilities and heating for a month in winter, they will have to pay about €1,000 (64 thousand rubles).”

However, European pensioners choose not only the country of the pyramids for wintering, but also Turkey, Tunisia and the Canary Islands in Spain. Tours to distant Cape Verde, as well as Senegal, Thailand and Caribbean countries (Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela) are in good demand.

In addition, the Russian woman, having studied the press, noted that that pensioners are not the only ones who are going to spend the winter in warm regions. Entire companies are trying to avoid excessive spending on utilities by relocating their employees, offices and businesses to somewhere warmer.

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