The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation told where it is safest for Russian tourists to go

The Russian Foreign Ministry has told where it is safest for Russian tourists to go

Turkey was recognized as a safe country for recreation against the background of other Mediterranean “hostile countries”. A representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry extended a similar definition to the resort Balkan countries popular with our tourists: primarily Greece, as well as Croatia, Montenegro and Bulgaria. This statement by the head of the European Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Yuri Pilipson, was willingly disseminated by the Turkish tourist media. Obviously, apart from Turkey, only Egypt and the UAE can be called a safe country, really accessible for mass recreation of Russians.

“Most countries of the Balkan region are on the list of hostile countries created by the Russian government,” he said. . We are talking about the Balkan region – i.e. about Croatia and Montenegro, which recently marked a “demarche” with the non-admission of the aircraft of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Bulgaria also obviously gets on the list – for the consistently anti-Russian policy of the cabinet of ministers, which yesterday received a vote of no confidence from the Bulgarian parliament.

Separately, Greece was mentioned, about the insecurity of rest in which the diplomat emphasized especially. “In the context of the ongoing anti-Russian rhetoric from Greek officials and the dissemination of disinformation about the events in Ukraine in the local media – and Russian informal sources have long been blocked – there continue to be reports of facts of discrimination and even direct aggression against Russians and Russian-speaking citizens,” he said. . Read the details at this link.

As an advice to Russian citizens traveling abroad, he also named the safe countries of this region. First of all, this is Turkey, which consistently maintains neutrality. Yuri Pilipson also named such countries as Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. “We don't see any harm in it. These countries approached the situation with a certain common sense,” the diplomat added.

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