The mistreatment of Russian tourists on board the Pegasus plane in Helsinki shocked Turkey

The mistreatment of Russian tourists on board the Pegasus plane to Helsinki shocked Turkey

in an emergency situation, which were completely cruelly treated by the authorities of Finland. We are talking about a Pegasus Airlines Izmir-Moscow flight that landed in Helsinki due to bad weather conditions in Central Russia. The Turkish media were quite surprised at how the “civilized” Europeans treated the Russian passengers of this flight.

The details are as follows: the plane took off from Izmir at 21:00 in the evening on December 18, but could not land in Moscow due to bad weather conditions – that day an unprecedented snowfall raged over the capital of Russia, so the plane was redirected to Helsinki airport. Where the Finns kept the passengers for 10 hours in the cabin – in fact, they locked them in the liner like in a prison.

As the tourists complained, they were denied food and water at the airport. In addition, it was extremely stuffy in the cabin, but the passengers were not allowed to go out even to the “clean zone”. And so it went on for 10 hours.

The finale was the quite expected order from the Finnish authorities – the plane that fell into their possession was forbidden to fly directly to Moscow. As a result, the tormented tourists had to return to Istanbul first. And in Moscow they were only on Monday evening.

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