The most popular destination in Southeast Asia fell in price: the reason and the new cost are named

The most popular destination in Southeast Asia fell in price: the reason and the new cost were named

Savings in the amount of 15-20% or up to 50 thousand rubles. from the tour package in monetary terms, they promised tourists thanks to the new program to Thailand. According to ATOR, we are talking about the program of the Russian Express tour operator, which announced a guaranteed flight program to Phuket with daily departures. The program is based on blocks of seats on the flights of the national carrier of Abu Dhabi, Etihad.

The details are as follows – the program itself starts on September 28 and will last until mid-May. At the same time, flights from Moscow are scheduled daily. Passengers will have one connection in Abu Dhabi, while the luggage will follow to the final destination, the connection time is from 4.5 to 6.5 hours.

“Etihad offers convenient connections to Phuket, a destination that is experiencing significant air travel shortages. Blocks of seats will allow Russian Express to send tourists to the island at a very reasonable price,” Taras Kobishchanov, general director of the Russian Express tour operator, commented on ATOR. According to the tour operator, these block tickets from Etihad will cost 15-20%, and on certain dates – up to 30% cheaper than other carriers. As a result, the savings can amount to 30-50 thousand rubles. for the tour package.

ATOR gives the following prices: a package tour to Thailand for October at 4 * for 10 nights with tickets from free sale costs about 182 thousand rubles, a similar tour with block tickets of the Russian Express on Etihad flights – from 147 thousand rubles for two ; in November, the amounts range from 202 thousand rubles with air tickets from free sale to 174 thousand rubles – from Russian Express. At the same time, the price of the tour is fixed, without extra charges.

“We are counting on consistently high demand throughout the season. There are many applications for Thailand. Mostly high-quality 4-5 * hotels are booked, the most popular tour duration is 10-14 nights, as before, ”Russian Express noted.

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