The only and last window to Europe for Russian tourists almost closed thanks to a fake

The only and last window to Europe for Russian tourists almost closed,  thanks to a fake< /p>The only “window to Europe” left by Russian tourists, i.е. Belgrade-Moscow flights of Air Serbia are trying to “mine” – not only with fake calls about explosive devices, but also with similar reliability of news in the Russian media. Information about the “closing of flights” of the Serbian airline went out since Wednesday morning – according to “experts”, ticket sales were closed on the official website, and some tourists even received letters about the cancellation of flights.

But everything turned out to be completely different . According to Serbian sources, relying on the carrier's reports, Air Serbia has indeed reduced the number of flights to Moscow, with exactly one flight canceled on March 25. Also, information about flights was indeed unavailable in the system for some time. But in general, flights – including those to St. Petersburg – are still flying relatively normally.

Correspondents of “TURPROM” also checked – there are flights in the system at least 2 weeks ahead. True, the price tag is inhumane – 60 thousand rubles one way. You can buy tickets at the carrier's office or from trusted ticket agents – for example, from the Russian partner of Air Serbia, Aviareps AG.

But it should be noted that for this money the tourist will still have to “prepare for adventures”. “Due to the frequent false reports of mining, there may be time delays,” tourists from Serbia were almost officially warned. So, yesterday, two false reports were received about the bombing of passenger aircraft flying between Russia and Serbia. On Wednesday, the tourists of the Moscow-Belgrade flight had to be nervous – they were even dropped off the plane in connection with a message about a planted bomb, but in the end the flight took off and landed in Belgrade at 18:53. Calls about “mining”, according to the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia, come from Ukraine and Poland.

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