The owner of the bar punched in the face of a Russian tourist in a popular resort

Bar owner punches Russian tourist in face at popular resort

A Russian tourist's trip to a bar in the popular city of Pattaya in Thailand ended with a beating and a police call. The owner punched the man in the face and continued beating him for an unpaid bill of 60 baht (126 rubles at the current exchange rate), The Thaiger reported.

Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and saw that the Russian lay unconscious on the floor. Jane, 53, the owner of the Bonzi bar in South Pattaya, confessed to attacking a Russian citizen and told her version of the incident. According to her, the man ordered a beer and unsuccessfully tried to flirt with all the ladies in the bar, and then tried to leave without paying. A quarrel ensued and the woman hit the guest in the face, and then beat him until he lost consciousness. Police representatives held a preventive conversation with the owner of the bar and warned that the beating of Russian tourists-non-payers is bad for the image of Pattaya.

Earlier, a Russian woman was severely beaten on the main resort island of Phuket. The Thai authorities qualified the case as domestic violence. 32-year-old Yulia filed a complaint with the police in Chalong (a district in the southeast of Phuket) on the evening of Friday, January 13, immediately after she left the hospital, where she ended up with injuries after an attack by her ex-boyfriend. Doctors recorded multiple bruises on the face and head. After the incident, the ex-boyfriend again harassed and threatened her, taking the money and intimidating her with connections to the Thai police. Despite this, the compatriot turned to the police for protection and made the incident public on her personal page on social networks, because. I was afraid for my life (read the details at this link).

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