The passenger begins to beat and insult the fellow traveler: for the Russian tourists who started a fight on board the plane, everything ended very badly

Passenger starts beating and insulting his fellow traveler: for Russian tourists who started a fight on board the plane everything ended very badly

A brawl in the cabin was staged by two passengers on a flight flying from Yekaterinburg to Dubai. A video about a violent showdown was posted by the telegram channel REN-TV. According to the “video data” of eyewitnesses, it all started with the fact that one of the passengers, who had gone too far with alcohol, begins to insult his fellow traveler obscenely and attacks him.

As a result, drunk men started a fight right in the cabin of the aircraft. In the video, they are hardly separated by other passengers and flight attendants, recommending the brawlers to “calm down.”

The men tried to continue the “exchange of courtesies” after disembarking from the plane. However, not for long. According to the channel, immediately after arriving in Dubai, the brawlers were detained. Presumably they should be deported from the UAE back to Russia.

Recall that since 2023 in Russia it is allowed to “treat badly” with air brawlers: by an official decree they were allowed to “neutralize” with the help of plastic handcuffs and belts. Flight attendants of Russian airlines, as well as employees of aviation security services on the ground, received such permission. According to the text of the resolution, these measures are “needed to deter air rowdy who threaten flight safety, pose a threat to the life or health of other passengers or crew.” The means of restraint “should be stored on board in places inaccessible to ordinary passengers.” Read the details here.

We also recall that the loudest air brawl in the history of Russian aviation is still considered to be the brawl of Sergei Kabalov, who on January 11, 2013 rioted on board the Kogalymavia airliner flying from Moscow to Hurghada. Among other things, the brawler inflicted bodily harm on the airline's flight attendant, threatened to kill the pilot and tried to break into the cockpit, and the liner threatened to land directly on the surface of the sea. As a result, the brawler had to be searched for, as he tried to leave Russia, but on March 7, 2013 he was detained in the Grodno region of Belarus, where he arrived at the end of January from Ukraine, where he had been hiding for more than a month. As a result, the Moscow Regional Court sentenced the brawler to 3.5 years in a strict regime colony. Read more at this link.

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