The pilot revealed a common tourist mistake that slows everyone down

Pilot reveals common tourist mistake that slows everyone down

A common mistake tourists make when boarding a plane has been revealed by a British pilot. It makes the planting process much longer, he claims.

“When your flight is announced as coming in, resist the urge to get up and immediately queue up to get off. Previously, people generally remained in their places until they called their row or zone. These days, when the first boarding bell is called, two hundred people instantly stand up and form a crowd, blocking the way for those passengers whose zones really should leave first. People are forced to literally push their elbows forward. This is crazy and not necessary. Standing in line will not speed up the exit from the salon. On the contrary, it increases the already tedious process of waiting, ”the Express portal quoted pilot Patrick Smith as saying. By the way, this habit is also characteristic of Russian tourists.

According to the expert, the tedious process of leaving the cabin of an airliner can take even longer if passengers are in a hurry to leave the flight. The same thing happens before takeoff: the desire to quickly get a seat leads to chaos and a delayed takeoff.

It is known that on many airlines passengers are allocated zones on the plane depending on where the seat is located. The airport staff then calls passengers to boarding zones to try and streamline the exit process. As for low-cost airlines, the salons of some of them look like bazaars – crowds of passengers are worried that if they do not sit down first, there will be no room for their suitcase in the upper lockers.

In conclusion, the specialist urged travelers to proceed from the principles of reasonableness and respect both when entering the cabin and when leaving.

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