The pilot threatened the tourist, sending him naked photos on his smartphone, to turn the plane around

Pilot threatens to turn plane around for tourist who sends nude photos to him on smartphone

US low-cost Southwest Airlines pilot issued a warning that he'll have to turn the plane back to the airport if the rambunctious tourist doesn't stop sending nude photos of herself and the other passengers on the plane via AirDrop.

Help: AirDrop is a Wi-Fi file transfer technology and Bluetooth, developed by Apple and first introduced with OS X Lion and iOS 7.

According to Dailystar, a video taken by a Southwest Airlines passenger shows the pilot announcing when they are about to leave for Cabo ( Mexico). “We will have to use security and this holiday will be ruined. So guys, whatever it is, stop sending naked photos and let's go to Cabo,” the pilot told the passengers.

The video was filmed on August 25 and has since gained over 2.5 million views, and many people found it funny.
At the same time, some wondered why accepting a strange AirDrop request from a stranger and opening an unknown photo.

Earlier in June, a Southwest Airlines passenger sent a picture of his penis to other passengers also via AirDrop. Then the tourist explained to the flight attendants that he was doing it “for fun.” A spokesman for Southwest Airlines explained that the airline has a zero tolerance for such indecent and inappropriate behavior and sincerely apologizes to other passengers on board.

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