The plane went crazy: all the tourists going to the resort were given a guitar

The plane went crazy: all the tourists going to the resort were given a guitar

The plane was not a Russian, but an American low-cost airline heading to Hawaii, as if it had gone crazy, but in a good way. Southwest Airlines gave each tourist on this flight a ukulele – a small guitar, so that passengers could relax and feel the spirit of the US resort state on the way in, and at the same time they would take part in a musical experiment. However, the reaction of tourists was mixed.

As The Sun explained, the carrier shared on Twitter a photo taken in the cabin during a flight to Hawaii. In a message, the airline said it had handed out a ukulele to every passenger flying from Long Beach, California.

Representatives explained that they were inspired by Guitar Center, with whom they have been collaborating for some time. Their assertion that one can learn to play this musical instrument in just 20 minutes did not pass by. The low-cost airline decided to try it out empirically and at the same time to amuse their tourists.

“We teamed up with Guitarcenter to surprise a flight full of travelers departing from Long Beach with a ukulele and a lesson. By the time they arrived in Honolulu, they were professionals,” the post read.

The post, which shows a large number of smiling passengers, received more than 9,000 likes on Twitter. One impressed tourist commented: “Oh my god, I knew there was a reason I was flying Southwest. I have become a devoted fan of yours.”

At the same time, another lamented that he was not on that lucky flight: “Unfair. I have flown the same flight from Long Beach to Honolulu six times and all I have ever gotten is a separate landing from my wife and child.”
However, some Twitter users admitted that the experience would have been their worst nightmare. “As someone with noise-related sensory processing issues, I would literally double over in my seat, put my hands behind my head, sob and have a panic attack if I listened to this,” “I would ask for a parachute and let me out mid-flight” , – they reasoned.

Their main argument is that not everyone dreams of listening to the cacophony of the ukulele, especially if several dozen tourists simultaneously try to reproduce a semblance of music. It is better to sit in silence, read or watch TV, skeptics said. However, Southwest Airlines were quick to reassure the latter: “Don't worry, everyone put away their ukuleles after 20 minutes, as they already learned how to play.”

Earlier, in 2017, the staff of the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair asked tourists to play the provided accordion during a crowded flight.

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