The police of the popular island accused Russian tourists of a new mass crime, urging them to report the perpetrators

The police of the popular island accused Russian tourists of a new mass crime, urging them to report the guilty

Russian tourists, primarily trying to earn a living as “relocators”, were ranked by the Bali authorities as “foreigners who become scammers and destroy the island.” Basically, the police accuse the Russians of a new mass crime, urging them to “knock” on the guilty. This time it is not about illegal work, but about illegal vehicles. A number of foreign tourists, mostly Russians, have been caught using fake vehicle license plates. The case is now being investigated by the Bali Police

Kombes Stephanus Satake Bayu Setianto, head of public relations for the Bali police, said in Indonesian media that a special unit is pursuing those responsible for using fake license plates. Moreover, as he assures, “some use Russian numbers.” Moreover, the “caring public” became the source of the claims: the topic surfaced after many complaints about the violators and perpetrators of the accident, whose vehicles were “decorated” with fake numbers. At the same time, as the Balinese police officer added, “the most commonly reported that Russian citizens use fake license plates, including Russian numbers.” He threatened the tourists that the police would “make sure they become targets for operations.”

The police explained that the fact is that the violation is not limited to a fake number. The owner of such a number, as a rule, rides without a helmet, without a license, without any documents confirming the ownership of the transport and the very ability to drive it. What contributes to crime and increases the risk of accidents on the roads.

The police also urged the “concerned public” to be vigilant and inform them of all known cases with such numbers. “Anyone who knows the whereabouts of such vehicles, please report it to the nearest police, and we will take action against the driver,” said Satake Bayu. So far, four “two-wheelers” have been detained, most likely scooters; their drivers are “both foreigners and locals”.

Recall that earlier raids were also announced against tourists working illegally – also primarily Russians. Among those detained is a photographer who entered Bali on a tourist visa, which does not give the right to receive income while on the island. As the authorities assure, this is not an isolated case – social networks record natural communities that work “among their own” as aerobics instructors, photographs, tattoo artists and even driving instructors. Tourists have been warned that deportation is one of the widely used sanctions for violating Article 75 (1) of Law No. 6/2011 on Immigration. So, the aforementioned photographer has already been expelled – they assured Bali.

Apparently, they will only continue to “tighten the screws”. Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno said that despite Indonesia's openness to the international community visiting the country, any of those foreign tourists who break local laws will suffer severe consequences. Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Coordination Luhut Binsar Panjaytana added his comment. He stated that Bali does not need foreign tourists who become scammers and violate local Balinese wisdom, otherwise “Bali will be destroyed if tourists continue to ruin the island.”

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