The popular city will deal a blow to tourists: hotels will be closed, group visits to bars will be banned, entertainment will be covered

A popular city will deal a blow to tourists: hotels will be closed, group visits to bars will be banned, entertainment will be closed

Another “package of sanctions” against “annoying tourism” is planned to be introduced in Amsterdam. This year, despite the closed borders at the beginning of the year due to covid, the city received 18 million tourists – and apparently, this is already too much: the authorities of the capital of the Netherlands intend to limit the number of tourists to 20 million, and it is better not to allow this. At the same time, the most “unpleasant” tourists are supposed to be evicted – those who are attracted by cannabis coffee shops, brothels and other “adult” entertainment.

They will adopt the method announced by Mallorca, which also wants to evict British “alcoholists”. According to the Dutch media, the authorities have already decided that by 2035 a significant amount of hotel space must be converted into homes or offices. In other words, hotels will simply be closed, creating unbearable conditions for them to exist. The City is also proposing to explore legal options to ban organized pub crawls (so-called “stag parties”) and “tighten” rules on Airbnb-style vacation rentals. Hotels of mediocre quality will be encouraged to become residences and offices.

The head of the city's economy, Sofyan Mbarki, also wants to propose a ban on the sale of cannabis in the red light district – at least on weekends, from 4:00 pm from Thursday to Sunday, similar to the ban on the sale of alcohol, which was previously introduced. Cannabis smoking is planned to be strictly banned near any tourist attractions. They also plan to deal with “disgusting bachelor parties and stag parties,” the authorities said.

“Amsterdam does not welcome anxious and annoying tourists and the locals are determined to reclaim their city!” they say. The overtourism problem, which peaked in 2019, has returned with a vengeance since the pandemic, according to an “outraged public”. As a result, the “movement from below” launched a public initiative with an unequivocal call for “low-quality tourism” “Stay away!”

The authorities plan to close restaurants, bars and brothels in the red light district, as well as in other districts, tourist tax increases during peak hours, etc. Mayor Femke Halsema has already said she wants to ban tourists from visiting coffee shops, as well as evict them, along with brothels, in a separate “erotic center”, away from the center of Amsterdam.

“If we love the city, we must act now. Amsterdam is a metropolis, which means the city is lively and bustling, but to keep our city livable, we must now choose to restrict ourselves over irresponsible growth,” the mayor’s office said in a press release.

Locals politicians seem to be all for it. Christian Democrat council member Diederik Boomsma also added that a ban on outdoor marijuana would send an important message. “This is an important step towards shedding Amsterdam's status as a drug capital and reclaiming the city centre,” he told local news. “We must take strong action to discourage the use of this dangerous drug, and send a strong signal to tourists: if you want to come to Amsterdam to use drugs: don't come! Stay at home, or go somewhere else!”

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