The popular resort decided to impose a fine of 220 thousand on tourists

A popular resort has decided to impose a fine of 220,000 on tourists

Another popular Spanish resort is planning to fight against bad habits and “pissing” of tourists. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, one of the two capitals of the Canary Islands, has announced new strict rules that tourists and residents of the city will have to obey. For violation – a fine of up to 3 thousand euros – i.e. up to 220 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate.

The new rules have already officially entered into force – their “launch” took place on January 17. They will be used both on the beaches and in the city itself.

What, according to the new rules, can tourists pay for? For example, for smoking on the beach. In order to avoid cigarette butts in the sand and other possible pollution of the coast, smoking is prohibited on the beaches and in the bathing areas of the municipality, except in specially sanctioned and marked areas. It is also forbidden to leave other garbage on the beaches and in the city. Moreover, as stated by local authorities, “a fine for visitors who violate any of the rules can reach 3,000 euros.”

Strict warnings have also been issued to businesses: bars and restaurants operating on the beach must have a trash can and empty it on time. In case of non-compliance with this rule, they are subject to a fine. Also in the Canary Islands, a fight against plastic utensils has begun – beach bars can be fined for using single-use plastic in the form of plates and cups.

Another non-trivial “source of garbage” that the Spanish press warns tourists about separately is homeless animals . Feeding stray cats and dogs, as well as feeding pigeons, is also prohibited under threat of a fine. From the point of view of the city authorities, “such activities contribute to littering.”

The authorities will also fight against “visual pollution”. Those who like to scribble “Vasya was here” on a public transport seat or “sign” graffiti on a rock or fence will also be heavily fined if they are caught in the act.

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