The popular resort of Turkey boasted of the golden age

Turkey's popular resort boasted of a golden age

The popular Turkish resort of Alanya is experiencing a “golden period after the outbreak of the coronavirus,” Burhan Sili, president of the Association of Tourist Hotel Operators of Alanya, told the Turkish media. According to him, many hotels received more tourists and income than even in the most successful season before the pandemic – in 2019. At the same time, the entire summer season, from June to August, most of the hotels in Alanya had 100% occupancy.

“I do not expect such occupancy in September as in July and August. I think that the hotels will be loaded by about 80%. In this case, the season can last until the end of October. Moreover, some hotels expect to work longer – the number of hotels open in the winter will increase,” the Turkish expert said.

Mr. Seeley also stressed that most hotels exceeded their 2019 results in terms of occupancy and revenue . “We assess the 2022 season as a very positive season. In 2021, although we opened after the pandemic, we did not dream of rising to such a percentage of occupancy. And in 2022, most of our facilities actually exceeded the results of 2019 both in terms of quantity and profitability,” said the Turkish expert.

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