The process has begun: following Antalya, prices for Russians have been reduced by hotels of another resort in Turkey

The process has begun: following Antalya, hotels in another resort in Turkey have lowered prices for Russians

Turkey begins to struggle with the results “sluggish April” in the Russian market and panic forecasts caused by weak bookings for May. Turkish hotels were “pushed to price action,” writes the local press, and “the process has begun”: prices for Russians have been reduced by hotels in another resort in Turkey after Antalya – we are talking about resorts on the Aegean Sea.

At the same time, as Turkish media emphasize that Russian experts recognized this statistic. Actually, they refer to the data of the network of travel agencies “1001 tour”. According to the Turks, according to the results of a comparison of tours for two for 10 nights from Moscow, Turkey's prices for May do not look astronomical.

Prices have decreased in all 5 countries where Russians spent most of their holidays in May. However, the largest decrease occurred in Turkey – by 44%,” Turkish experts emphasized. Separately, they noted that Turkey was also compared with its most massive competitor for the Russian audience – which is domestic resorts. As the Turks assure, according to Russian travel agencies, in the period from April 27 to May 5, you can relax on the all-inclusive system in Turkey “at the prices of holidays with breakfast in Anapa.”

As for the numbers, it’s the same cheap holidays in the resorts of the Aegean Sea for Russian tourists are sold at a discount of almost 50%. And it is about 65 thousand rubles.

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