The rest of the Russians returns to the dashing 90s: tourists were advised to go on a trip with a “cutlet” in their pocket

Russian holidays return to the dashing 90s: tourists were advised to travel with « cutlet» in your pocket

Take with you a “cutlet in your pocket” i.e. a large bundle of cash (such thick bundles of banknotes were called cutlets in the 90s) in different currencies is again advised to Russian tourists who have gathered abroad. Recall that these tips were given back in March, at the first “turn on” of Western banking sanctions. Then one of the experts literally stated the following: “In the dashing years at the dawn of wild capitalism, only Russian tourists walked around Turkish and other popular resorts with a cutlet in their pocket. In addition to the cutlet in their pocket, they, as a rule, differed from those around them with shiny weighty “cauldrons” (watches), by the standards of Russians, preferably Swiss and a weighty “gold” (gold chain) on their necks and wrists. It looks like the 1990s are coming back for Russians.”

Tourists are unlikely to remember jargon, just like gold, but experts repeat the advice to carry cash with you. “The most realistic advice is to take ten thousand dollars per person, including children, in foreign currency and take it out in cash. So a tourist abroad will not be in a cramped position, ”commented Yury Barzykin, Vice President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT), to Lente.Ru. He emphasized separately that this amount should not include accommodation and flights. Moreover, he advises taking money in different currencies.

“Cash is still accepted almost everywhere. In some countries, you can open an account, get a card and deposit funds there, so as not to carry money with you. But the most effective way to definitely not get into an unpleasant situation is to leave everything in cash,” added Mr. Barzykin. Although he later warned tourists that “it might not be safe.”

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