The Russian airline opened 2 new foreign routes at once: flight schedule announced

Russian airline opened 2 new foreign routes at once: flight schedule announced

Airlines that previously relied on Superjets finally got their star chance , and began one after another to announce the expansion of flights from Russia abroad. According to a message on the carrier's website, Azimuth Airlines is starting flights to new destinations from Mineralnye Vody. On March 15, 2022, the carrier of the south of Russia will make the first flights from Mineralnye Vody to Tel Aviv and Dubai. Flights will operate as scheduled:

15 and 22 March 2022:

  • A4551, departure from Mineralnye Vody at 15:20, landing in Tel Aviv at 17:50
  • A4552, departure from Tel Aviv at 18:50, landing at Mineralnye Vody at 23:20

Air tickets from Mineralnye Vody to Tel Aviv are on sale at minimum fares from 210 euros, from Tel Aviv to Mineralnye Vody – from 180 euros. Prices do not include taxes.

Mineralnye Vody – Dubai – Mineralnye Vody

March 15, 20 and 22, 2022:

  • A4683, departure from Mineralnye Waters at 21:50, landing in Dubai at 03:20
  • A4684, departure from Dubai at 04:20, landing in Mineralnye Vody at 08:00

Flights from Mineralnye Vody to Dubai are available from 265 euros, from Dubai to Mineralnye Vody – from 211 euros. Prices do not include taxes.

Note that, according to the air carrier's website, Azimuth's fleet consists of Russian Superjets. That is, the “non-recommendations” of the Federal Air Transport Agency bypass him.

Earlier, Red Wings also announced the opening of flights to Istanbul: from March 15, it will begin flights from Moscow to Istanbul on domestic SSJ100 aircraft. Moreover, the liners are both registered in Russia and insured by Russian insurance companies. Read the details at the link.

We also recall that TURPROM has compiled for those who wish a detailed list of countries and carriers that have retained flights to Russia. Read the article “A complete list of countries through which you can leave or enter Russia has been published: there are 18 of them.”

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