The Russian decided to buy bread in Poland and was shocked

The Russian decided to buy bread in Poland and was shocked

The Russian decided to compare the purchasing power of the average representative of the working class in Russia and Poland. To do this, he went to the store for bread, and shared his shocking results in Zen.

For his experiment, the Russian chose the Polish supermarket CARREFOUR. This is a popular French network, the name of which is literally translated into Russian as “Crossroads”. On the shelves of the department with pastries there are many types of bread, the average price tag is 5-7 zlotys, or 100-130 rubles at the current exchange rate.

Then the Russian remembered that in Russia bread costs about 30-50 rubles. With an average salary of 30-50 thousand, the average citizen can buy a thousand loaves. For comparison, in Poland the average salary of a worker is 3-5 thousand zlotys, or 60-100 thousand rubles. Accordingly, a Pole can buy about 700 loaves of bread with it.

The Russian came to the conclusion that the purchasing power in the Russian Federation is on average higher than in Poland, since high prices spoil the impression of tempting salaries. However, in the comments, many noted that the author should also indicate the composition and especially the weight of Polish bread, which can exceed the standard 300 grams for Russia.

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