The Russian extended the residence permit in Turkey, revealing the details and increased attention of officials to one issue

The Russian extended the residence permit in Turkey, revealing the details and increased attention of officials to one issue

A couple of Russian tourists extended the Turkish Residence permit and nervous because of the increased attention of officials to one issue. We are talking about financial well-being and the monthly amount of money credited to a bank card. They shared the details of preparing for the interview on their blog on Yandex.Zen.

The travelers attended a reception at the Turkish Migration Service in Bursa on March 21, submitted their documents for consideration, but the official studied with prejudice only one printout from the entire folder of documents. This is a bank statement. “We got the impression that only the financial side of our life is important for the employees of the migration service in Bursa: how much money we credited to a bank card. Our inspector counted the receipts on the printout, and when the minimum amount was reached, he put a tick on the sticker and proceeded to the calculations of the next month,” the compatriots noted.

What steps did the Russians take?

  1. Re-filled the application form on the website of the Migration Service. “On the first page, it is important to choose that you are renewing the residence permit. Some points raised questions, but there are a lot of instructions on the Internet, so I did it. The main thing is to do everything right at the last stage in order to sign up for the same time if you are several people,” the travelers advised.
  2. We chose the date of appointment with a specialist before the end of the current residence permit. You must apply for the date of the interview while it is still valid. Turkish Ikamet (Identity card of a foreigner residing in Turkey), and the date of admission can be set later.
  3. Supplied four biometric photos. These are made in photo studios. The cost for one is 570 rubles. at the current rate. “It is important to send it to a flash drive or ask to send an electronic version of the picture by mail – you will need it when filling out the questionnaire,” the article clarified.
  4. They presented an extract from a Turkish bank for six months: receipts and expenses. Tourists had a free statement from the Turkish bank Ziraat with “live seals”, i.e. you need to request a document not online, but at the branch. “In addition to this, the goç (migration service) may ask for documents confirming the signature of a bank employee – imza sirküleri. Our bank refused to give us this document. They said that the gooch should send them a request himself. As a result, they didn’t ask anything about it at the rendezvous (reception), ”they added.
  5. They showed a copy of the passport, namely the page with a photo and with a stamp on entering the country.< /li>
  6. We also needed a photocopy of the current ikamet — front and back sides. You also need to provide the originals.
  7. You also need to put in the folder a photocopy of the first page of the insurance policy. Travelers emphasized that a residence permit is issued immediately before the date until which the policy is valid.
  8. Registration document for each applicant. “It can be downloaded from the e-devlet site (again, the instructions are on the network, it’s not difficult),” the authors noted.
  9. You will need both a rental agreement and a certified copy.
  10. Need a bill (fatura)/contract for the provision of utilities.
  11. Copy of TAPU, t .e. certificate of ownership of the property of the owners of our rented apartment.
    A copy of a notarized marriage certificate with an apostille – one is enough for two.
  12. Account information in the national system – UETS from PTT – ULUSUAL ELEKTRONiK TEBLiGAT SiSTEMi.“Honestly, no one can really explain what it is. We came to the PTT department and showed this abbreviation. We were given a small form to fill out and a bunch of papers to sign. As a result, they issued a printout with a number. I entered it into the questionnaire when filling it out (there is such a column, it is optional, but just in case, we decided not to skip it),” the article also said. map. Payment is available both before filling out the questionnaire, and after. Be sure to download and print the receipt.

What are the prices for one tourist?

  1. The cost of making a card is about 1.1 thousand rubles . at the current rate.
  2. The fee for 6 months is 1.4 thousand rubles.
  3. Tourists paid about 400 rubles for copies and printouts.

As a result, the extension of the residence permit cost them about 7 thousand rubles. for two.

What happened at the meeting at the migration service?

The employee skimmed through all the documents and then very carefully studied the bank statement. “In Bursa, when applying for an extension of a residence permit, it is important that an account in a Turkish bank be opened for at least six months. When we arrived in the country, … we immediately issued cards simply because it was more convenient with them … The inspector looked at the receipts of money by months. In 2023, you need to put at least 12,750 liras (51 thousand rubles) on the card every month per adult (less than a child), in 2022 the amount was less – 8,500 liras (34 thousand rubles). Whether the entire amount has been spent – they do not verify. The main thing is to show the parishes,” the travelers warned.

The inspector asked only one question to the applicants, it concerned the study of the Turkish language. To which the tourists replied that practically not, but they can order food or call transport. They didn't ask about the tourist itinerary.

The whole procedure took 15 minutes, after which they were given pre-approved printouts. Tourists received approval of the application via SMS in 2 minutes. In addition, the status can be checked on the website of the migration service. According to the Russians, different Turkish provinces require different nuances of obtaining and renewing a residence permit, up to differences in the set of required documents.

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